And So it Goes..

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


As a student in college, an African American in a society that is feeling the pressures of issues within the minority, a Resident Chaplain (just think of it as an RA, or google it) who hopes to build community, and a vocal person in all areas of life, I realized that I needed a place with which to convey my inner thoughts without fear of missed opportunity or lackluster, in the moment, phrasing. Likewise, I needed to be subject to criticism, as well as feedback, and occasional push-back, to my thoughts and ideas.

With college, and the whole of my life, becoming a series of opportunities for discussion, I assumed that others may want, or need, to read about someone else’s experiences. Beyond that, I know that there is a level of connectivity that one gains to another by simply hearing stories, reading articles, and being open to another person’s existence.

In my opinion, that connectivity is pretty neat.

So, I found a website, created a blog, and decided I’d try writing.
Which I will post without concern for grammar.
(I’m sorry)

Anyway, I hope that the next couple of posts are helpful to you, and that my ideologies and frame of mind are much easier to understand than they are for me to explain!


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