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IMG_20170503_235204So, its May 3rd, and I’m beginning to realize that my sophomore year is drawing to a close. Finals are just around the corner, the yearly drama has come and gone, and the passive aggressive notes that are left on mirrors and doors have stopped mattering. It’s bliss. I’ve written some pretty dank articles for GC’s Papyrus, been overzealous when it comes to stereotypical SJW-ing, and continue to be the loudest and proudest. Even at this little Christian College in southern Illinois, my left leaning liberal heart is content with all that is in creation.

A few moments ago, I was crafting one of many binders that I plan to keep – that I secretly hope will help me later in life. My AP Government and Ethics binders are stashed away, full of notes that I hope will help me write a dissertation at some point in the future. A notebook from Business Law keeps me kind of excited for what could happen in the political area of my life. The scores and sheets of staff paper scattered across my room fit very neatly into an inexpensive, clear binder that reflects harmonies that I can only imagine, and rarely complete. But this binder was different… It was a first.

It was simple compared to its predecessor, and it has an art piece attached that reminds me of all the things to come. Nothing to fancy, letters, and images all found within the same sheet.

It’s creation came as part of the realization that the closing of my 2016-17 Residence Life experiences. Its predecessor was a black binder, crafted with White Tape and pen. Inside of it laid everything I had learned about community creation, every note from every meeting, every expectation and goal, the good and bad times. It is full, in an incredible way, of experience, journey, joy, and compounding stress. It can hold no more.

So, I made my new one, for my staff and my first journey. It’s a little orange binder, with white paper and tape, covered on both sides in notes and expectations. Years and dates are abounding, and I realize that I am changing. This new binder is more than just the standard or the creation of an RA moving into their next year. This binder is something I will use well beyond my undergrad, holding standards and expectations that can be carefully and lovingly grafted from one institution to the next. This binder will contain my first Assistant “RD” Experience. My first staff, my first goals, my first building, my first true exploration into the type of community creation that I find so integral to human life.

Look Out GC, I’m coming.

Your First Black ACRE
#HousesAptsMannoia #HamFam


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