I think that you missed the point
That you missed the opportunity to see
That you can break me down
That you can build me up
That you can make me seem more unreasonable


It’s easy to think about
That everything I say is just another word
Another black guy being ghetto
Another gay guy being flaming
Another broke kid begging for money


I believe, with all my heart
That you can break me
And that you can make me look like I’m just
some black face in the dark
some monster to fear


And I see it in your pretention
I see it in the words you breathe when
you speak to me and I say
Yes and no like I’m some
Pawn in a game of chess


This is all chess
And you sit across from me on a board
Thinking that I’m one of 8 pawns
But I’m more than a rook
I’m more than a bishop or queen or king

I’m the opponent.


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