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from DC to IL

So, Hello! This will be a relatively brief blog post that will serve as a reflection on my time in Washington DC

Disclaimer: as a matter of policy, I refuse to share via blogpost or report any information directly relating to the specific office or information gained in the internship.

While I was in DC, I gained a desire for what I determined was city life. I began making the connections that will prove invaluable and made friendships that are beyond belief. I had the opportunity to speak with several mentors, peers, and passersby that have shifted my frame of mind. I’ve enjoyed “coffee” with groups of individuals to talk about journalism, legislative policy, race, incarceration, and a variety of other topics.

DC changed me.

I refuse to believe that having this experience did anything less than solidifying in my mind the different goals and aspirations that I have set for myself. I refuse to say I settled for anything. I argued when I wanted – I’m reminded of a friend who commented that I had the ability to argue with anybody over any topic; a fond memory- and made decisions whenever I liked. I was an adult, living within my means, and a student doing work that affects the world in big and small ways.

I feel like its important to talk about how DC changed me because I don’t feel like the static character that I forced into my college community. In DC, I felt more like myself. I got to speak with pastors of LGBT affirming churches, I had opportunities to center myself, and I learned about what I value.

I learned that I value the truth, at every conceivable turn.
I learned that I value the dissemination of information.
I learned that I value the hearts of my friends and family.
I learned that I want freedom for myself and for others.
I learned that I’m still learning more about myself.

I don’t think I’m anywhere near the same place that I was in before going to DC. I sit here, in Illinois, drinking my special Sprite, and watching comedies on Netflix bathed in ideas. I’m thinking about what next, and I’m making moves to reach my next steps. I’m thankful for the spiritual guidance that unexpectedly came from DC, and I’m thankful for the financial support that unexpectedly came from Illinois and DC. I’m thankful for the variety of experiences I’ve had. Experiences which have made me feel more aware and defined me.

Friends, thank you.
God, thank you.

Illinois, you aren’t ready.


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