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Trump Gets Attacked – On the Pulse – Transcription

If you were with us at the 7 o’clock hour you heard everything about the bombs- that’s what flooded the media this week, its very unfortunate. But, what you didn’t hear was the story that Politico was covering today. The question of who’s getting attacked more than the President of the United States.

Now, I wouldn’t be the one to pause and reflect on the President of the United States being.

[Union Shoutout]

There is a problem within the United States, as most media outlets agree, with Political aggression; with the idea of, instead of peacefully protesting, we’re coming up to individuals who work in politics and we’re looking them in the face, and we’re kicking them out of restaurants and we’re doing all this stuff.

I’m not going to attest to whether or not that’s good or bad. I will, however, underline this question of “who get’s attacked more than me”. I can think of the Rohingya Crisis; indivduals being snuffed out of their country and the country itself saying that there are no genocides. I can think of the acts of aggression that have spilled across the United States against African Americans, against Latino Americans, against people who are undocumented immigrants.

We have a vast array of people who are being actively attacked by an administration, by an action or an executive order, who are being hurt.

I don’t know if I would be the first person to say from one of the most privileged positions in the United States of America who gets attacked more than me. Because the reality is the President does get attacked verbally. The president does get attacked sometimes in near physical ways. But that’s not the same as a consistent attack. That’s not the same as a systemic problem.

Luke: Those are critiques.

Yes. Luke Emmert is in the studio right now. If you don’t know him from the Exploration, you may know him from L.A.N Connections which runs tonight- and the Pulse will be randomly in there too-

But those (attacks) are active critiques, to quote Luke Emmert, of the president of the United States. And, to be in that position of power, and in that position of privilege you have the ability to be critiqued. But I wonder if that give us pause. To think, for a moment, that maybe critiquing the President of the United States isn’t an attack. Or maybe stating facts about the President of the United States isn’t an attack. I don’t know.

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