On the Pulse

Better Help – On the Pulse – Transcription

WGRN Staff Reporter, Ivy Lyons

, you live within the Greenville Area -I’m assuming if you’re listening to this over the radio- there is definitely a Geolocation- there is a location, there is a perimeter, there is a border- where you will not be able to listen to me. But If you’re listening online, thank you so much for listening from wherever you are!

An interesting thing I had pop up on my Facebook that I’m excited to share, and that I’ve done a little – we’ve done a little bit of digging here at WGRN (it’s been kind of fun). Better Help.

You may or may not have seen Better Help on your Facebook scrolls or in between advertisements throughout the day. Obviously sometimes advertising holds its bias, each institution has its own bias. And Better Help can get positive and negative reviews online primarily for giving out counseling in what is sometimes viewed as an not unnecessary, not inconvenient. [abnormal] location. Why am I saying this?

Because I focused exclusively on Better Help. I wanted to know whether or not better help created a good – I wanted to see if there was a reduction in symptoms of things like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder- if having this online counseling style, this new wave of online counseling, made for a better situation for individuals. And, thanks to a couple of great minds at different institutions- I’m going to focus on specifically the University of California, Berkley’s research, which is headlined “Better Help Members Experience Significant Reduction in Depression Symptoms: Viable Alternatives to Traditional Face-to-Face Counselling. “

In the abstract, and throughout most of the Document, you see this kind of leaning, first towards psychotherapy, then through talk therapy, counselling, the way that this platform works and how much good it does for a specific group of people, mostly those who can’t make it to a traditional counselling setting where they’re sitting in [an] office.

A lot of reviews have come in. By ratings on their own system, they have a 9 out of 10 stars. Ratings outside of the institution vary between 7 and 9 stars. Obviously, these referrals are being given online, because this platform app is online. But if you were looking for a specific expectation, or if you’re saying “hey, I can’t make it to a traditional counselling session,” this is an option that is being studied. And that study, that’s still being conducted, is showing some of the good work that comes from taking something like your mental health and making it more easily accessible.

People feel comfortable and confident, according to the statistic, using their phone- using their resources- in order to achieve some counseling.

So no bias

First of all, if you need help right now, if you are mentally uncomfortable, if you are mentally unstable, if you feel like you need help there is a suicide hotline. There are people to call. And, if you feel really unsafe, please, I urge you to call 911. Get help. Seek help. Do what you can. Your life is important.

And, if you feel like, maybe you need another counselling option, maybe this is one of them.

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