On the Pulse

Bombs Sent to Various Opponents of Trump – On the Pulse – Transcription

WGRN Staff Reporter, Ivy Lyons

There have been a series of bombs that have been sent through the mail, of all things, the US Mail to individuals, prominent democrats that are existing throughout the US. And, unfortunately, people had to be evacuated [from CNN NY] but fortunately no one was hurt in any of these situations. The current total that is being reported by CNN MSNBC is thirteen bombs which is- I hate the thought of there being even one bomb that’s being packaged and sent- and obviously, or not so obviously, if you’re a person who doesn’t know what’s going on, pipebombs being sent around the United States you have the problem of pipebombs being more likely to be detonated when in casual use. Some of the bombs packed with sulfur, others packed with items that I haven’t yet corroborated. I’m mostly working with the work of CNN MSNBC Politico and Fox News. Where the facts line up is what I try to give you.

So, definitely want to tell you about Cesar Sayoc, I’m not sure if I am pronouncing that right, I didn’t listen to a bunch of people trying to pronounce the man’s name. Currently the matter is this is a “deranged’ individual. This is the way that person is going to be portrayed. One of the problems that we ran into is actually that Global News was reporting, in a video that they posted to YouTube, as well as in their personal journalistic efforts, of Trump decals being along the sides of this van that is suspected to be in correlation with these bombings.

Now, how did they find out that this was Cesar Sayoc? First piece of evidence was fingerprint evidence, DNA is something that USA Today was reporting. He is a 56-year-old man, registered republican in southern Florida, and, obviously he sent this all to prominent democratic leaders. He had an extensive legal history, there were several times that he was actually sentenced before a court for threatening to actually throw [a pipebomb/projectile]. There have been different situations that he has been in, legally, that would lead you to believe that he was the likely assailant. CNN actually says that “pings from a cellphone tower”, I’m quoting, “led authorities to [the arrest location of] Cesar Sayoc.

Since this program, the numbers of bombs discovered has increased.

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