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Interview with Resident Chaplains – On the Pulse – Transcription

WGRN Staff Reporter, Ivy Lyons

I have two people in the studio, one who is mute so, its unfortunate but Noah, he won’t be able to speak with us, but Emma is here, she’s laughing right now.

Ivy: Tell me what you guys are doing in the Upper Union, the panther pit right now.

Emma: So, we are on rounds. And so, pretty much we just walk around the entire campus.

Ivy: Rounds. What are your titles?

Emma: Our titles? We’re RCs.

Ivy: You’re RCs

Emma: Resident Chaplains

Ivy: What does that mean for you?

Emma: It just means that we’re here for our residents. We’re just here to be there’s

Ivy: See, I love Resident Chaplains obviously because I am one, in a building, and Noah works with me, and Emma doesn’t work with me but Burritt is besties with everyone because Burritt deserves all the love.

But yes they’re going to be on weekend rounds, they’ll be around all night, so if you need something or for some reason, you’re listening to the radio and locked out of your room I’m just going to say it’ll probably be good for you to walk to the union and knock on the Upper Union doors because you probably left your ID in your room You nincompoop (I’m just joking.)

Noah will be wearing a nice blue sweatshirt, Emma will be wearing all of her beauty.

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