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Reflecting on Judge Kavanaugh – On the Pulse – Transcription

WGRN Staff Reporter, Ivy Lyons

Nothing has changed, except everything. For some reason, I can definitely map out for you, I’m looking back at Judge Kavanaugh and asking myself a series of questions.

His confirmation seems to be moving rather quickly or has been moving rather quickly for a number of weeks now. But, what about the allegation? I want to take you, for a moment, to a video – or to an audio – I guess this will be an audio experience for everyone else – to audio of Senator Flake being confronted before attending the final day of hearings for Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

That is 1 minute and 17 seconds, of 4 minutes and 20 seconds of individuals pouring out their hearts to Senator Flake. Senator Flake, while in the hearing, actively asked and requested that an FBI investigation be done for the victim, for the accuser, of Judge Kavanaugh.

We moved on.

Remember now- if you haven’t been keeping up with politics, that’s why I’m here, I’m here for you- initially, Donald Trump’s response to this question of whether or not an FBI investigation could be had was centered in the idea that the FBI didn’t do that.

That is an almost verbatim quote from the President of the United States, that the FBI doesn’t do that work.

Well, On September 27th, Sarah Sanders, the Press Secretary for the President of the United States, said that Lindsay Graham has more decency and courage than every Democratic member of the committee combined. God bless him.

This is after he, in asking for Dr. Ford’s testimony, and entering Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, – the ferocity with which he stated and made his claim that we need to  – I don’t want to misquote.

Right after Sarah Sanders retweeted something from the President of the United States that was the [focal] point for the beginning of this. [The President] tweeted this at 6:46 (Yesterday on the 27th )

“Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. [The] Democrats search and destroy strategy is disgraceful, and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The senate must vote.”

This same nomenclature, these words of testimony being powerful, honest, and riveting are exactly what the opposition… what the people who are standing by Dr. Ford are saying. That she was emotional. That she was powerful. That she was honest. That she was riveting.

Now, some political commentators are going to come up to you, and they will say things like “[Judge Kavanaugh] sounded like a political operative.” “Judge Kavanaugh sounded like a person who was playing the politics game rather than an unbiased person” who is going to be heading up [to] the Supreme Court if this vote comes through.

3 Hours ago, after Senator Flake made his statement and said, “I think an FBI investigation should be held, but we’re going to vote now”- Following an 11-10 vote Sarah Sanders moved a statement from the President onto her twitter feed. “ I’ve Order the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file. As the senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope, and completed in less than 1 week. “

Now, pointing to the Anita Hill case, Pointing to [Justice] Clarence Thomas, they did – the senate and the president- in asking for the FBI to come in, said “we need an FBI investigation” and that investigation was over in 3 days. The president, obviously putting a timeline on this, and Dr. Ford’s attorney saying “hey, we are not putting a timeline on this”

They don’t want an arbitrary time limit.

This person, may or may not be the Supreme Court Justice on an even tied court. Right now, the way the news is portraying it, the court has it’s 4 liberal and 4 conservative justices. And yet, we are putting on – or Donald Trump has given to the senate committee [and the entire senate]- a conservative Justice

You may see hundreds of thousands of Judicial Crisis Network ads saying that this never happened, quoting 5 of Brett Kavanaugh’s friends from high school. Those are statements, those are opinions.

One of the facts is that CNN reported tonight that Trump “watched the drama unfold on Capitol Hill” and blames “Flake and the democrats” for delaying the vote on Kavanaugh, according to CNN’s reporter Jeff Zelany in his reporting within the White House. This comes right as we’re running into a Saturday night rally that the President is going to be having in West Virginia.

Moving, and again, I can’t outline this enough, First, this FBI investigation was impossible, the president put it outside of the realm of thought. Then, unnecessary. And now it’s exactly what’s happening, with President Trump limiting the scope of the investigation against Doctor Ford’s wishes.

I’m going to stay updated on this.

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