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The Concern Over Kavanaugh – On the Pulse – Transcription

So, I’m back. Let’s talk for a minute about Judge Kavanaugh.

Hello, welcome to the 21st century everyone needs to know what’s going on politically especially when it comes to people who will be affecting your lifetime for a lifetime. Lifetime appointments to the [US Supreme Court] are not a laughing matter. We need people to be in the Supreme Court that are wise, and that are strong, and that are charismatic, that have an understanding of the way the law works.

We care about their personality, but we need them to know the constitution. And people have a difference of opinion as to what the constitution says to some degree. We have people who are more conservative judges and we have people who are more liberal judges. Here is an ad for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

America is back. Back to work. Back to making sure our priorities are right. That our middle class is taken care of. That small businesses are prospering again. That, thanks to tax cuts, money is going back into the pockets of the working people. And that our borders are more secure. You made all this possible by supporting republican policies across the country. Under the leadership of a president who put you first. America is back, and there’s so much more to do.

Equal justice is what sets America apart. That’s why we need Brett Kavanaugh on the US Supreme Court. He’s overwhelmingly qualified, has a proven record, and he respects the constitution as it was written. But he’s an even better person, devoted to his faith, family, and friends. Judge Kavanaugh is a champion for limited government. We need a constitutional conservative on the Supreme Court. The senate needs to put gridlock aside and confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Now, both of those advertisements were more implicitly and explicitly for the republican party. They were funded by an interest group called 45 Committee. You are more than welcome to go to 45committee.com to learn more about this group of people. And this is not me promoting any one political [perspective] but saying that this is the way our politics work. We see people who are conservative justices and we see people [who are liberal] justices as being completely and totally juxtaposed from one another [polarized]. Advertisements like these make it difficult for us to do true analysis, because what we’re listening into are biases that may have been locked into by things like Youtube [Ad] Analytics, or by your Netflix subscriptions, or by the way that you search different terms on Google. This is serious

You should be considering things like the #MeToo movement whenever you think about Judge Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh is currently under a sexual assault allegation during from his high school years, and, whether or not you think the allegations are true or false, we have to have an understanding that we’re trying to get a justice, a judge, who is going to be understanding the constitution and continuing to do that work.

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