Disclaimers & Transparency | “Ivy’s Caveats”

My identities do not impact my reporting accuracy or quality.

Long story short, no matter who I am, I am working for an audience. I want you to be informed enough to make decisions that impact your community and your world.

It is in the interest of conveying trust that I create this document of relevant identities. My nature is to avoid areas that I have a conflict of interest. If I have a conflict in a story or piece, you will find that information noted here. This is updated as often as I discover something worth adding!

My social media is my own, run by me. On occassion it may cover media criticism, news on media, and general news in the region. At no point is my analysis conveyed as a reflection of a company. It should not be treated as such. Social media engagements are not endorsements.

Questions on social media can be answered through the contact page or by email contact@ivylyons.com.

Ivy is LGBTQIA+ — specifically gay/non-binary.

This is pretty clear, but I want to further clarify. This identity is how I have identified. I speak on gender, sex, and identity with this as part of my existence. Sometimes, this gets complicated, but it is part of who I am. I have worked with LGBT+ people in my younger years to improve the quality of their educational environment. I have shared stories from my experience that I stand by. However, this doesn’t give me room to be disrespectful to anyone who doesn’t support LGBTQIA+ identities. These things do not impact my reporting accuracy or quality.

Ivy has studied from and interned for Republicans.

I have, indeed, had impactful experiences with GOP members while in Illinois. I have spoke with GOP affiliated lawyers, doctors, nurses, students, teachers, etc… I’ve spoken with and navigated interviews with local and state GOP candidates, and maintained relationships with individuals employed under national administrations. These things do not impact my reporting accuracy or quality.

Ivy has held jobs and internships for Democrats.

I have worked for and interned with Dem members while a resident of Illinois. I have spoken with Dem affiliated lawyers, nurses, teachers, congressmembers, and many more. I have maintained relationships with employees of national administrations. These things do not impact my reporting accuracy or quality.

Ivy has written for left leaning publications.

I have written for entities that consider themselves “liberal.” They are not affiliated with any party. I am not affiliated with any one political party. I have written some opinion and analysis pieces for these publications, as other journalists at national and local outlets sometimes do. Of course, media analysis and personal experiences are what I most write about. These things do not impact my reporting accuracy or quality.

Ivy talks about race and is BIPOC — specifically Black.

I often complicate journalism and stories by discussing race. I am Black, and overwhelmingly impacted by issues of race and civil rights movements impacting those communities. I make every effort to learn and present an accurate representation of race related issues, giving weight to the truth. I talk to experts and community members to level the reality. I have worked at, driven people to, and walked alongside protestors in cities for months. I have been at a number of protests as a student advocate for educational funds, and during the deepest parts of black lives matters protests, I was in the field. I reported on and walked alongside friends for safety, documenting the moments.

Of course, I know this can be construed as direct support for organizations or political identities, which I don’t participate in. However, I do participate in the notion that you, whoever is reading this, matter. And that, yes, of course, the lives of minorities in this country matter. I don’t believe this is a political statement, but it’s clear that Black lives matter. It isn’t a lie, and so I say it boldly, while reminding you that every single life matters, including those of minority communities impacted by acts of violence.

These things do not impact my reporting accuracy or quality.

Ivy identifies as “Christian.”

I attended a Christian university, was raised in a Christian household, and still hold to Christianity as a faith. As such, I occasionally speak about that worldview when asked personally. This is not something I share opinions on often. In all situations, I maintained beliefs similar to Wesleyan and Presbyterian positions. Since these beliefs are deeply held, I tend to not report on religion. However, even when I’m asked to, one thing remains true: these things do not impact my reporting accuracy or quality.

I want to make clear that these things do not effect my reporting. Often times, these interactions and identities help organizations I work with to understand the world. We all have a lens that we see the world through, and I don’t pretend like mine don’t exist. However, I promise a direct, accurate, and honest representation of the facts. Because the audiences that I write and produce any content for should continue to trust me.

My current, condensed journalistic ethic.

(This is not extensive, exclusive, and it does not answer every question about my writing. Also, if I am affiliated with an organization, and any one ethical guideline is higher than my own standard or effects a standard, assume that the organization wins!)

               I commit to providing for a dedicated public forum which provides space for freedom of expression amongst journalists. This medium should be free from censorship and advanced approval of consent.

               I recognize that we make mistakes. I will openly and honestly admit to mistakes I make in my reporting and correct the record in an upfront and honest way.

               As such, I must maintain trustworthiness and independence on social media platforms. I recognize that those journalists who present the news have a responsibility to communicate the news accurately and honestly.

               I recognize that we must be respectful of the subjects, people, and positions that are held in my reporting. As such, I will be respectful of identifiers such as gender, race, sexuality, religion, status, class, and minority classes not explicitly listed in this ethical statement. I will respect my audience, subjects, and staff.

               I take responsibility for my original reporting and work hard to provide sources in the United States and around the world. I hold myself to a standard that is both academically and professionally grounded in strong and professional communications.

               I commit to continuing to provide a group of voices that reflect the educational and professional environment that journalists see in the world. This means intentionally representing the diversity of world I live in and properly expressing their stories.

               I commit to these ethical guidelines and a standard of excellence. This includes limiting reliance on anonymous sourcing, providing accountability, and providing space for researching and creating quality work the first time.

              I support and respect freedom of speech, as well as the freedom of individuals I speak with whenever possible.

              I will ensure that I adhere to all laws, including those of fair use. I will use content for criticism, commentary, or reporting, and will also ensure that I am not substantially using work, or effecting the market for a particular work if it is not my product to control.

Know that I am constantly reading and speaking to experts. I am constantly attempting to impact my discourse, other journalists, and myself. I am not always, or near always, correct. (I got a pizza order wrong at my side-hustle less than 24 hours ago. Definitionally imperfect.)

Long story short, no matter who I am, I am working for an audience. I want you to be informed enough to make decisions that impact your community and your world.

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