OTP Daily News

On the Pulse Daily News (OTP Daily News) is the sister news show on 89.5FM WGRN in Greenville, IL. This show, airing at 8AM Monday through Friday, covers news stories, traffic, weather, and a variety of topics relevant to the area. Ivy Lyons is the first student anchor for OTP Daily News, which aired its first official episode in March of 2019. This news hour remains the only Broadcast Journalism experience at Greenville University.

Episodes and clips are available below

April Segment Clips
March Segment Clips
February Segment Clips
RC – RA Transition Interview with Kallie Kundiff
Interview with Greenville Student Government Association President Jantzen Michaels
Moderated Discussion with Illinois Candidates Blaine Willhour (R) and Kevin Gaither (D)