Published Work & Transcriptions

Current Work

All current work available via Muckrack at the link above.

Undergraduate Work

Journalism at GU

The State of Race and Reconciliation at Greenville University

Jams and Bops in the UU


The Church is Burning

Residence Life Article

Letter to the Editor of the Greenville Advocate Regarding National Anthem Protests

America First?! Nope.

Duty to Christ and Country – Part 1

Duty to Christ and Country – Part 2 (Preguntas y Respuestas)

WGRN OTP Report – Klaire DeVos Senior Recital

WGRN OTP Report – Greenville University Named Safest Illinois Campus, and Fifth Safest in the Nation

Transcript – Reflecting on Judge Kavanaugh

Transcript – L.A.N. Connections Interview On Violence

Transcript – Comment’s on Immigration from President Obama and President Trump’

Transcript – Interview and Review of Charlie’s Aunt

Transcript – Trump Gets Attacked

Transcript – Bombs Sent to Various Opponents of Trump

Transcript – Interview with Resident Chaplains 

Transcript – Interview on Kanye West in the West Wing

Transcript – Kavanaugh Week

Transcript – Reflecting on Judge Kavanaugh

Transcript – Fox News Chyron

Transcript – Better Help

High School

Article on the 5th Quarter – Patriot Perspective Metropolis Planet

Letter on Black History Month for MCHS – Metropolis Planet

MCHS Key Club & Metropolis Kiwanis Working Hand in Hand – Patriot Perspective Metropolis Planet

Not So Lucky School Year – Patriot Perspective Metropolis Planet

Breast Cancer Awareness at MCHS – Patriot Perspective Metropolis Planet

New Year Article – Patriot Perspective Metropolis Planet

Red White and Better Than You – Patriot Perspective Metropolis Planet

School Comes Together to Make Superman Classic A Success – Metropolis Planet

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