Ivy Lyons


Greenville University Scriblerus– Content Editor

January 2019 – May 2019

During this time, I helped to select and edit content for The Scriblerus, Greenville University’s literary journal. Responsibilities included communications with writers and creation of a style guide for writers sending pieces into the journal. Editors were also responsible for marketing the journal.

Greenville University Papyrus – Opinion Section Editor, Faith Section Writer

January 2019 – May 2019

While with the Greenville University Papyrus, an online news source, I was responsible for the creation of content for this Op-Ed section, collaboration with Chief Editors, organization of the writing and digital media staff, and planning for publication of articles. Simultaneously, I was tasked with writing for the Faith section of the Papyrus, creating content centered around religious questions. Before taking on these positions, I was a freelance writer for the Papyrus.

WGRN – Greenville University Radio – OTP Daily News Anchor, News and Production Intern, Marketing Director and Radio Show Host

August 2017 – May 2019

While with WGRN, I acted first as a marketing worker, focusing exclusively on the production of social media content that would increase engagement online. From there, I became Student Marketing Director, coordinating the work of show hosts and finalizing a clear marketing strategy for the station. As I entered 2018, I became a DJ and show host, creating The Greenlight, Greenville University’s first prime-time Friday night music show. That show, now co-hosted, follows On the Pulse, a news/talk show and music hour centered around “keeping track of what you missed on campus and around the country.” As the head editor for that content, I became the station’s second intern, and first News and Production intern in January of 2019. As the news and production intern, I was responsible for the curation of content that is created on the air, archiving recordings of live shows, and coordinating the work of all radio hosts. One month later, I became Student Anchor for On the Pulse Daily News, which airs content Monday – Friday at 8AM. The responsibilities that I had included creating and editing content, conducting interviews, writing supplemental materials, transcribing shows upon request, archiving shows, coordinating with area reporters and influencers, and creating a news slot for future broadcast journalists at WGRN

US Senate – Senate Aide & Ed Greelegs Scholar (Internship)

May 2018 – August 2018

As a Senate Aide, I was responsible for doing the following:

  • Completed several legislative assignments, including drafting memos regarding
    • House Tax Reform
    • Budget Process Reform
    • Transportation
  • Administrative tasks such as
    • Answering constituent phone calls
    • Mail pick up
  • Lead tours of the US Capitol
  • Participated in legislative meetings and phone calls.

Residence Life, Greenville University​ – Assistant Coordinator for Residence Education  (ARD)

  August 2016 – January 2019 

● Assisted in the management of two different staffs, the training and assistance of summer  staff, and coordination of recruiting. 
● Focused on creating a diverse and inclusive living environment. 
● Provided a constant presence, focused on availability and advocacy 
● Assisted in Editing RC/RA Training Manuals and other training documents. 
● Assisted in conversations on editing portions of the Code of Conduct 
● Gained information that allowed progress in communications 
● Improved scheduling skills as well as practical secretarial skills 
● Improved planning, fundraising, and supervisory skills 
● Managing Social Media and Communication with the Department during transition 


Shawnee Community College (Metro), Metropolis, IL – Nurse Assistant Certification

January 2015 – May 2015

Completed the state required CNA program, and its subsequent lab experiences for a Certificate in Nurse Assisting.

Greenville University, Greenville, IL – BA in Philosophy, Music Industry Studies

August 2015 – June 2019

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, focusing on political philosophies, diversity, and ethics. While a Music Industry Studies student, completed business, marketing, and PR classes, including performance major and minor requirements
Inaugural Mosaic Scholar Class of 2019
Dean’s List Recipient

Georgetown University, Greenville, IL – Masters in Journalism

August 2019 – Present

Currently intending to focus on broadcast journalism and political journalism.


Video/Audio Editing – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, ProTools, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Logic Pro

English Proficiency – Native Speaker
ASL Proficiency – Intermediate, Conversational
Spanish Proficiency – Intermediate, Conversational
German – Elementary