I am a non-binary black journalist from “America’s Heartland” focused on informing the public and telling their stories. I have worked hard to create engaging content, provide important context, and to continue serving those in America and around the world. As a student, I interned with WJLA in Washington, WGRN in Illinois, the KP Initiative in Washington, NBC News’s Meet the Press, and in a variety of political and communications spaces.

Some of my work and clips are attached below.

News Clips

Sightless Community Leaders and the “Race-Blind” Narrative

Two leaders of the blind community in Texas have said that racism is more than just a visual experience, and that the problem of systemic racism caries on, whether you see skin color, don’t see skin color, or simply don’t see. Trade advisor Peter Navarro made headlines when he claimed that he lived in a […]

History at the RNC

A seventy-minute set of remarks from President Trump have concluded with a series of lies already being combated by fact checkers. But you may have missed the omission of black history in President Trump’s history lesson. President Trump’s speech highlighted black unemployment, increased safety, and the pursuit of the American dream. It followed pilgrims up […]

Immigrants speak out on systemic racism

Belleville, IL — Recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program won a long fought case earlier this week when the Supreme Court decision on June 18th was announced in their favor. Less than one week later, at least one dreamer is fighting for “black lives” in a protest-filled world. Karla Robles is […]

Journalism at GUThe Papyrus, Greenville University

OMG THESE GU STUDENTS ARE *kinda* FAMOUS, YO – The Papyrus, Greenville University

WGRN OTP Report – Greenville University Named Safest Illinois Campus, and Fifth Safest in the NationOn the Pulse, Greenville University Radio, 89.5 FM.

Production & Research

Often, the most important work that journalists can do is working behind the scenes to help get stories to the people who need it. Here are just a few news stories that I researched, pitched, fact checked, and produced.

Suspected serial rapist who ‘terrorized’ women in ’90s caught with genetic genealogy ABC 7 Washington, DC

DC Schools Employee out of a job. ABC 7 Washington DC

Is there an effective method to calm yourself to sleep? ABC 7 Washington DC

Are gadgets the best way to quiet snoring while you sleep? ABC 7 Washington DC

Here’s some of the best ways to protect yourself during cold and flu season ABC 7 Washington DC

Radio Reporting & Entertainment Hosting

Anchor for WGRN’s Daily News, and Primetime On-Air Spots



  2. Audio is Working!
  3. Jumping In with Alexia!
  4. The Comeback with Nathaniel Weaver
  5. Interview with Kaitlin Griffin

Producer/Reporter Reel Work & Video Editing

My broadcast reporter reel consists of stand-ups, social media/online show hosting, interviews, and packages. All of the clips included were edited and packaged by me.

Photo Clips

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