My Name is Ivy

From my earliest years in education, I have been “a challenging and challenged writer.”

A journalist in name and deed.

I’ve had the pleasure of working as a student journalist, printing my own newsletters, and encouraging contextualized, rich discussions of what matters most.

But more importantly, I take pride in the voices I have amplified and the changes that every experience has brought me.

During my K-12 experience in Illinois, I worked to create a newsletter earning me two AKA Service Awards, anchored my first newscast in collaboration with East St Louis Public TV, shadowed government officials in my area, and worked as a student reporter in collaboration with area newspapers in Massac County, IL.

Afterwards, in my undergraduate years, I focused on broadcasting, vocal performance, and political philosophy, honing skills through radio interaction and communications work that would become invaluable to me.

After creating the station’s first news and production internship, I became the Anchor of WGRN’s flagship morning newscast and brought political and legislative experience gained in Washington DC to the local communities that matter most.

While doing so, I worked for local publications and completed work on a senior thesis focused on Diversity and Inclusive Philosophies in systemic or political frameworks. I made it a goal to gain a more definitive understanding of the human mind and to commit to disassembling and deconstructing rhetoric in US Politics. This led to my moderating my colleges first discussion and debate about political action during the 2016 election, and pushed me to work tirelessly to excel in my graduate studies.

This drive and determination brought me to opportunities and educational experiences that continue to impact my writing, and help me to convey complex topics. Those experiences included opportunities WJLA – ABC7 News in Washington, D.C., NBC News’s Meet the Press, the KP Initiative, the U.S. Senate, and much more.

My research and work has continued to resonate in academic and professional settings, and continues to be shaped by the minds and experiences that those around me choose to share.

I continue writing and producing content, actively engaging with my communities, and analyzing the days news while living in the DC Metropolitan Area.

I will graduate with my Masters in Journalism from Georgetown University in 2021.