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Greenville University Named Safest Illinois Campus, and Fifth Safest in the Nation

WGRN Staff Reporter, Ivy Lyons 

GREENVILLE, IL- According to the Data Analysis processed by Niche, a research firm in Pennsylvania, Greenville University has been evaluated alongside more than 1,300 college and university campuses. Niche gave Greenville University the the title of “Fifth Safest College Campus in America”, and thereby safest school in the state of Illinois. GU’s statement on their Niche results outlines the areas of focus such as campus crime rates, student surveys, and a variety of other variables, including rates of arrest and date violence rates. Greenville has received an A+ rating in campus safety, and has been given the rating of 3 and half stars, as well as an Overall Grade of B (on an A-F scale)

Comments and Reviews ranged from praises for the institution -“I like the Christian community we have at the school, the chapels in the morning and Vesper Worship nights are awesome”- to statements against the institution, with one previous transfer stating that their experience in Greenville was similar to “being a cult.”

Opinions aside, Greenville University maintains it’s title and ratings.

Director of Campus Safety & Security Michael Lennix is, “optimistic that Greenville University will continue to rank among the nation’s most secure campuses for years to come.”

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